Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bolivia Announces Climate Summit April 20-22

Bolivian Chanciller David Choquehauanca announced Monday, Febraury 8th, that Bolivia is inviting all the people and governments of the entire world to a climate change conference from April 20-22 in Cochabamba in response to the failed Copenhagen summit in 2009.  

Various functionaries from Evo Morales' government announced that they were inviting scientists from all over the world to Cochabamba to address climate change. Choquehuanca blamed industrialized countries for failing to take the Kyoto protocol seriously and announced that the summit is expecting around 11,000 members to attend. Leonilda Zutita, the representative of the Confederation of Rural Women announced, "We convoke the organizations of Latin America to be part of an international meeting in order to defend our mother earth."

The conference will address how to put humanity back int harmony with the environment and the possibility of a universal declaration of the Earth's rights. Also addressed will be alternatives to Kyoto, climate debt, climate change refugees, adaptation, emissions reduction, financing, forest changes, indigenous people and the idea of creating a climate justice tribunal. 

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