Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ex-Education Minister Patzi is 1st Bolivian to Lose Driver's License For Life Under New Law

On February 4th the Sacha Llorenti, the Minister of Government announced that the national police have
suspended FĂ©lix Patzi's driver's license for life.  Patzi, a sociologist of Aymara descent, was a young and controversial Education Minister of Morales' first government who sought to de-couple mandatory Catholic religious classes from Bolivia's public education system among other things before resigning amid public accusations. Patzi was currently running for the post of Governor of La Paz with Morales' Movement to Socialism Party, but stepped down today at a press conference where he also announced that he had been stopped by the police that past Thursday before dawn for drunk driving. Patzi admitted that he had been drinking heavily at a wake for a cousin who had died on Wednesday and decided to drive while drunk. Police are prosecuting Patzi for drunk driving, and provoking a high speed chase at a time of national outrage with drunk drivers due to a string of fatal bus crashes.

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