Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Peru-Bolivia Border Conflict over Gold Smolders

There is an ongoing standoff on the Bolivia-Perú border in the Amazonian part of the La Paz state along
the Súchez river. A Peruvian company is mining gold in territory thought to belong to Bolivia and indiscriminately dumping all the tailings in the river, causing large scale agricultural losses to Bolivians downstream.  Local Bolivians have delivered an ultimatum for the problem to be solved or they threaten more radical measures that may lead to violence. The nearby town of Pelechuco municipal government has proposed a multi-national meeting of engineers, mining officials, and representatives  to resolve the pollution and border issues on Febraury 25th to avoid confrontations.  Much of the pristine jungle cloud forest region of La Paz state is being ravaged by gold mining, brought on by historically high gold prices and miners generally site their mines above rivers so as to dispose of tailings as easily as possible.

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