Thursday, February 4, 2010

Buses Declare 48 Hour Strike to Protest New Drunk Driving Law

On February 3rd the Bolivian Drivers Confederation has declared a 48 hour nationwide bus strike
Tuesday and Wednesday of next week to protest a strict new law that aims to crack down on drunk driving after a month where several fatal bus crashes left almost 80 people dead on Bolivia's roads.  One bus driver of a large reputable company, Cosmos, caused a crash that killed 5 and injured 43 while drinking hard liquor with his brother and friends in the driver's compartment, the driver tested four times above the legal alcohol limit and had no driver's license. Confederation director Franklin Durán said that the new measure is an attack on the job security of professional bus drivers and the newly approved measure against drunk driving will deprive many of his co-workers of their jobs.  Durán said that there are many problems with the new supreme decree against drunk driving and that the Confederation will be presenting a different proposal to the government that, if not accepted, will lead to more road blocks. Durán said that after the 48 hour strike that if the government doesn't back down they will begin an indefinite nation-wide roadblock.

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  1. Evo's going to win that battle.
    The drivers might strike and cause considerable travel problems, but the strike won't last and will accomplish little.
    If the drivers try some kind of prolonged action, I predict they will be fired and replaced with sober drivers by the bus owners, or the owners will face nationalization of their services by the government.
    Evo usually doesn't mess around with avoidable risks to his people, and once he has his mind made up about something needed to be done he does it, and if it takes drivers or driver-watchers out of the military to help man the buses to keep them safe, he will do it.
    It is now a priority to keep Bolivians safer, and Evo will finish what he began.
    Viva Bolivia and President Evo Morales!!!

  2. Yeah, Viva Evo, the Pachamama Drug Trafficker! What a great guy, so worried about the drunk drivers but still producing the dope. Alcohol doesn't bring in the dough coke does I guess.

  3. Anon,,,
    Loved your post.
    It shows a total lack of knowledge of the facts, while spewing propaganda you don't even begin to understand you've swallowed.
    Your claim of Evo producing dope demonstrates your lack of understanding of what he has done to eliminate cocaine production while honoring his beliefs and those of his constituents.
    Coca is not only harmless, but medically beneficial, and with no scientific or medical proof to the contrary.
    Morales increased his nation's cocaine busts after having kicked out the DEA. (The DEA protects its own drug traffickers--remember the Church Commission?)
    Your last statement implies corruption by Evo. I suggest you provide some credible proof to back up your slander, and do some research to try to discredit my criticisms.
    I can't wait...