Monday, February 8, 2010

Health Officials in Sucre Present Pre-Carnaval Health Fair

In an attempt to prevent the further spread of HIV/AIDS and other revelry-related health hazards during this year’s Carnaval, health officials in Sucre presented a Preventive Health Fair in Bolivar Park, beginning last Friday.

Members of the Carnaval’s Inter-institutional Prevention Network hope to educate citizens—beginning in childhood--about the risks associated with bacchanalian excesses. Despite Sucre’s recent bad weather, various organizations including the police, the HIV/AIDS project of the Chuquisacan Department of Health, the Family Protection Brigade, the Defenders of Childhood and Adolescence, the Red Cross, and the Bolivian Consortium of Childhoods came together to demonstrate the consequences of overconsumption of alcohol, including accidents, murders, fights, rapes, unplanned pregnancies, and transmission of STIs.

Angel Mendia of the Chuquisacan Department of Health stated, “Everyone has the right to enjoy themselves, but not to excess. Our goal is that these people, youths and adults, understand the risks that they run and that they enjoy the carnaval in a healthy way.”

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