Saturday, February 6, 2010

National Lottery Corruption Scandal of 64 Million

Nardi Suxo, Anti-Corruption and Transparency Minister, has denounced a 64 million dollar fraud scheme in the Bolivian National Lotery (LONABOL).

Suxo said at a press conference, "We should say that all the irregularities show that Bolivia suffered a loss of between 452 and 530 million bolivianos between 2002 and 2010. We are therefore pressing charges against the former and current administrators of the National Lottery along with members of the LOTEX company." Suxo filed charges against the Lottery director Marco Antonio Cárdenas and four ex-executives along with LOTEX employees for fraud and national harm. Suxo identified numerous irregularities and discrepancies between the administration contracts between LOTEX and LONABOL and the actual income of the Bolivian state which was supposed to be getting 15% of all lottery proceeds.

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