Friday, February 5, 2010

Bolivian Men and Women in Unique Celebration: Dia de Compadres & Comadres

Yesterday, February 4, Bolivians in several departments celebrated Jueves de Compadre, a male-only
holiday which traditionally begins the annual Carnaval celebration.  Although the holiday is recognized to some extent in all parts of Bolivia, the festival is concentrated in Tarija, Potosí, Sucre, and Cochabamba.   Each department celebrates the day in unique ways but the consistent theme of the holiday is that women prepare the food and drink while men enjoy a day of dancing and socializing. 

Next Thursday the women of Tarija, Sucre, and Cochabamba will have their day in Jueves de Comadres.  In a twist on Jueves de Compadres, women enjoy a day in which men prepare the festival while the women relax and enjoy being waited upon by the men of the community.  The weekend following Jueves de Comadres everyone gets a chance to enjoy themselves as Carnaval explodes in many cities of the country.

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By Bolivia Weekly Culture & Society Reporter Nate Stephens

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