Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ex-President Zamora Charged With Vehicular Homocide

Taxi driver Juan Bautista Castrillo died in the San Juan de Dios hospital on January 27th from
injuries sustained when he and 2 passengers were hit head on by a truck driven by ex-president Jaime Paz Zamora near Tarija. Zamora's blood tested positive for alcohol but was within the legal limit as did that of the deceased driver of the other vehicle. The victim was a 54 year old taxi driver named Juan Bautista Castrillo who died in the hospital shortly after the accident. Yolanda Torres, the driver's widow, has pressed homocide charges and attempted to contact the ex-president to pay for her 5 thousand Boliviano ($714) hospital bills but Paz Zamora has not returned her calls.

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