Saturday, February 6, 2010

Supermodel MAS Governor Candidate Helps Flood Victims

Evo Morales' Movement to Socialism (MAS) party candidate for governor of the state of Beni, British-Bolivian Supermodel Jessica Jordan (24), personally delivered aid to flood victims near the city of Trinidad on January 29th.

Jordan worked alongside Bolivian Civil Defense workers and Venezuelan doctors distributing aid but insisted that their presence was a coincidence. Jordan said, "I am going to donate food and I'm seeing a lot of people in need, the flood victims are here in the streets and I can't tell the Civil Defense not to go if I'm going to go, so it's a coincidence that we have appeared in the same place." When asked how much she invested in the aid she was handing out Jordan said, "I couldn't say a total because a lot of people have donated clothing, it's from my friends, from people that have sent food, from Santa Cruz, from all over, friends from Trinidad that have decided to help."

Jordan had recruited a medical squad that was attending victims nearby. Jordan explained, "I'm not here campaigning because I'm not giving out fliers or giving out shirts, or giving talks, absolutely nothing like that."  MAS' political opposition criticized Jordan's flood victim aid. Opposition Legislator Herbert Salvatierra said, "This doesn't surprise us, in Pando we have seen the MAS taking resources from the state government to use in their campaign, just several weeks ago it was discovered that seven million bolivianos ($1 million) had disappeared from the state government." Salvatierra did not present evidence of these claims.

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