Saturday, February 13, 2010

Estimated 100,000 tourists at Carnaval in Oruro

On February 13th, Bolivian Vice-Minister of Tourism Iván Cahuaya told the press today that they are expecting to receive around 100,000 tourists from all different continents, South America, and Bolivia that will generate 28 million dollars for the Oruro economy. On a national scale the Oruro Carnaval is expected to generate some $100 million dollars for the Bolivian economy.
The Japanese embassy reported that more and more Japanese citizens are dancing in the Oruro Carnaval, often forming small groups in larger dance troups.

The Carnaval in Oruro has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Event and features rich folkloric traditions from all over Bolivia an South America in a mix of Catholic and indigenus pageanty.  Dances featured include the: Diablada, Morenada, Caporales, Tinkus, Llameradas, Sicuris, Incas, Antawaras, Tobas, Waca Wacas, Kullawadas, Pujllay and literally hundreds of others from small villages all over Bolivia.

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