Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 Brutal Killings near Cochabamba

Police responded to emergency calls  at 5:30AM in the Calvario de Quillacollo neighborhood on the
outskirts of Cochabamba this Sunday, January 31st and found a mob of 40 to 50 people beating a young man tied to a post. Police rescued the young man Emigio Negrete Gallego (18 years old) from the mob but he died of his wounds shortly thereafter.  Circumstantial reports indicate that neighbors had encountered the man attempting a robbery and beat him to death without recourse to a judge or trial. In Bolivia this kind of mob justice and lynchings are not uncommon and Quillaqollo has a high murder rate relative to the country at large. No arrests have been reported.  

In a separate incident the same night police found two dead men in Vinto, another outskirt of Cochabamba who had been tied up and stabbed repeatedly. The two men were identified as Marcial Mejía Valeriano (25) y René Mejía Valeriano (29) and we drinking in a bar before their death. No further information was available on any motives or suspects. 

UPDATE:  Emigio Negrete Gallego who was killed by a mob on the outskirts of Cochabamba this Sunday, January 31st was a solider from the prestigious Colorado regiment who had just returned from his graduation in La Paz and had been drinking heavily in celebration. Gallego apparantly left the party angrily, running across a neighbor's roof and this was the last time his parents saw him alive. He was accosted by an angry mob in the Berenguela neighborhood where apparantly residents accused him of attempting to rape a child or mistook him for a robber and decide to bludgeon and strangle him to death as punishment for these alleged crimes. This makes Gallego the 4th victim murder by an angry mob since three people were burned alive on December 14th for alleged attempted robbery.

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