Monday, January 18, 2010

Santa Cruz Opposition Forms Pact

A pact formed to oppose Evo Morales' Movement to Socialism Party in Santa Cruz on Friday for the April elections of state governors across Bolivia.  This brings former Santa Cruz State Governor Ruben Costas
together with Percy Fernández, the former mayor of the city of Santa Cruz. They are calling the new party "Democratic Resistance".  This makes Santa Cruz one of just two states where the opposition to Morales' government has united; the other being Chuquisaca (also called Sucre) where John Cava runs
as the lone figure of the opposition. Several prominent politians that had planned to run for governor in Santa Cruz have decided not to run in order to support the new Democratic Resistance ticket. The Democratic Resistance has consolidated its support among the center and right parties in Santa Cruz including the party of former dictator Hugo Banzar the ADN party.  Morales' Movement to Socialism party will have a tough time beating this alliance in Amazonian Santa Cruz which has been the seat of opposition to the government in Andean La Paz.

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