Monday, January 18, 2010

Education Ministry offers 50 Indigenous Student Scholarships

The Bolivian Ministry of Education plans to provide fifty scholarships to enable indigenous Bolivian youth to attend private universities.  The scholarships, which will be awarded as a single grant to the
Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Bolivia, will be distributed to students selected locally by each community, says CIPB president Adolfo Chavez. 
Chavez confirmed that previous councils had encountered irregularities that needed to be corrected; certain universities that had charged for things covered by the scholarships, including registration, student IDs, tuition, and use of the libraries.  Chavez called on the Ministry of education to clarify the limits of the scholarships, and whether they included transportation or room and board so that families and indigenous organizations could seek other sources of funding. 
“The ministry should admit that it doesn’t have the capacity to provide student housing; it would be to their benefit to immediately seek international cooperation to build dormitories with all the necessary conveniences for the students.”  Clarified Chavez.

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