Wednesday, January 27, 2010

9 Drowned in Floods, 22,614 Homeless

As numerous rivers overflow their banks nine people have drowned and over 22 thousand are homeless
as Bolivia's rainy season intensifies in recent weeks. Two deaths occurred in tropical Cochabamba,  three in Potosí, three in southeast Chuquisaca where two more people remain missing. The Central Emergencu Command (OCE) of the Santa Cruz region reported that a 38 year old man in Santa Cruz was swept away and killed by floodwaters this Sunday the 24th along with a 14 year old youth. Viceminister of Civil Defense Hernán Tuco explained that these deaths are all due to flooding and that the government has budgeted 6.6 million dollars for these rainy season problems and over fifty percent of this money has already been disbursed to purchase medicine, tents, food and tools. Furthermore Tuco explained that Bolivia has applied for a 75 million dollar loan from the Andean Development Corporation to help with disaster relief.

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