Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bus Crash Kills 17 Chileans, 1 Bolivian; 31 injured

January 21st at 9:40PM, a Chilean bus from the Pullman Bus company smashed into an illegally parked logging truck on the Oruro-La Paz road.  The Bus carried 45 passengers and left from Arica, Chile. The
crash occured near Ayo Ayo, about 85 km from the Bolivian Capital.  The Chilean air force immediately dispatched a plane to carry back the dead and injured though many are now in Bolivian hospitals. The crash occured because the truck had parked at night in the middle of the road without leaving any signs to indicate its located. The truck's driver, Gregoria A. did not have his license and was apprehended by the police.  The driver explained that his motor failed and that he left several small piles of sticks and rocks behind his vehicle to prevent such a crash. He is expected to be charged with mutliple homocides and may receive up to three years in jail. Investigators say they found no evidence of such signs left by the driver.  Yusef Panoso (18), a surviving passenger speculated that the bus driver may have been more at fault that the broken down logging truck because the bus had to stop in Poconchile where the 45 passengers disembarked and the driver tried to make on the spot repairs of some unknown nature. This marks the second fatal bus crash in this month alone, once again due to negligence and excessive speed.

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