Saturday, January 2, 2010

Flooding Kills 3 and 2200+ Homeless

Torrential rainfall over the past few weeks has left three people dead, 2 missing and at least 2225 families affected said Ministry of Defense director for Emergencies and Rescue Rafael Uría. The three deaths occurred in
Potosí when two women and a little girl were carried away in a river and two people in Chaparé are missing after falling out of a boat. The recent floods have been in the higher tropical areas of Tarija, Cochabamba and western La Paz state and Uría fears this may lead to bad flooding in the lowlands of Santa Cruz and Beni. The worst of the flooding has occurred in the Cochabamba state lowlands where 2200 families have been displaced. Rains are expected to worsen in January and Febraury due to the El Niño effect.

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