Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Only Female Governor not Running for Re-Election

Monday, January 4th Savina Cuellar, the first indigenous female governor in Bolivia, announced that she will not stand for re-election in her home state of Chuquisaca (also known as Sucre). Cuellar, a native
Quechua woman, has been one of indigenous president Evo Morales’ strongest critics during her tenure. Her decision not to run again shocked many observers who pointed to her consolidation of local political power and widespread popularity as signs that she would run again. Savina, for her part, announced on Monday that she since she was elected by a cabildo (a large informal public assembly) she would leave office on her own terms and give way for newer and younger candidates who can bring fresh blood to the political arena. The only opponents of Evo Morales’ MAS government who have decided to run for re-election are Rúben Costas of Santa Cruz, Mario Cossío of Tarija and Ernesto Suarez of Beni.


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