Saturday, January 23, 2010

War of Words Bolivia-US Continues

 On Friday January 22nd Bolivia's Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca called remarks made by United States UN  deputy-ambassador Alejandro Wolff unacceptable. Choquehuanca stated, "These remarks are
unacceptable and I don't know from what level of authority they come from." Last Wednesday Evo Morales had called the US military presence in Haiti "inhumane, savage and opportunistic" to which ambassador Wolff reponded before the United Nations, "These type of declarations have nothing to do with reality and they own more to the pyschology of the person that says them. It's retrograde and it has nothing to do with the actual situation. I would love to touch on the subject of how much the Bolivian people are helping Haiti." President Morales has announced that he will request the UN to force the US to withdraw from Haiti.   Choquehuanca's remark is the latest in this ongoing spat between the US and Bolivia regarding Haiti.

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