Sunday, January 3, 2010

UN: 25-30% of Chapare Coca for Drugs

A study recently published jointly by the United Nations and the Bolivian Government shows that between 25 and 30 percent of the coca production in the Chaparé cloudforest region of the state of Cochabamba goes
unaccounted for; possibly as a base ingredient for cocaine production according to viceminister of Social Defense Felipe Cáceres. Cáceres has asked the leader of the six coca growing unions of Chaparé to restrict any further coca production in the region and the union directors insist no new coca will be planted in 2010. Cáceres added, “We cannot tolerate that some new compañeros do not respect the cato nor do they respect social control.” A cato is a unit of area that measures 1600 square meters and is the current government limit of coca that one coca-growing family in Bolivia may plant.Viceminister Cáceres sees that the Joint Task Force (a military unit) will have to enter Chaparé in 2010 to eradicate any new or oversized coca plantations.

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