Saturday, January 30, 2010

Morales Accuses NGOs of Spying

 In Tarija on January 29th Bolivian President Evo Morales criticized NGOs, saying that some "are the 5th round of capitalist espionage".  President Morales proclaimed that only unions speak for civil society and that NGOs and Foundations are a European model and are weaker than unions. Morales said, "Some NGOs and Foundations come here with the pretext of helping the poor, but really as a 5th round of capitalist espionage and empire. I have personally witnessed this as a union leader and seen that some foundations and some NGOs are really just instruments of capitalism and imperialism. According to Morales there are countries that have created "mechanisms" to investigate developing nations through programs of "studies" financed by foreign states. Morales said, "I believe that this research has an ulterior motive, their goals obey certain monopolies." Morales had decried in 2009 that NGOs had become a "big business" that fed off the poor, indigenous people and environment as a rebuttle to criticism from environmental NGOs to the governments oil and gas extraction plans from the Amazonian region of Northern La Paz state.

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