Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bolivia VP Condemns USA

Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera said Monday the 4th in an interview with Radio Erbol that Bolivia wants to improve relations with the US but without converting itself into a slave to the country he
acknowledged as the most powerful and largest marketplace in the world. Linera said that in the past Bolivia was the Latin American country most subordinate to the US and that (quote) “We do not want market access in exchange for them telling us who should be a government minister, we do not want tariff preferences in exchange for them telling us what our economic policies should be because we would be slaves, we would again be a colony, a servile government.” (end quote) Garcia Linera acknowledged that they were in prolonged talks with the US government to improve relations but said (quote) “The blackmail and pressure for us not to be radicals, not to have certain friends, that we don’t follow a sovereign path continue. When the US learns to recognize that the world is a community of sovereign states, that assume interdependence in a voluntary manner, then we will have excellent relations with the United States” (end quote).


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