Wednesday, January 20, 2010

VP Linera Calls US-Haiti Aid Disgraceful, Demands Withdrawal

Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera traveled to Haiti for several hours on the 19th to deliver humanitarian aid from Bolivia. According to the Bolivian Government's news agency, at a press conference he demanded the withdrawal of US troops from Haiti, saying, "They (Americans) are taking terrible disgraceful advantage of our brothers, the people of Haiti, in order to install a permanent military presence and this is a strategy for militarization and
control of the entire continent."   Linera said that during his "lighting visit" to Haiti he "didn't see a single US soldier lifting a single pebble." The Bolivian Vice President went on to say, "Our proposal, our demand is the withdrawal of American troops who aren't doing any aid or salvage work, and that there be more financial aid for Haiti.  The (Haitian) Government has proposed a plan to re-build the capital city and administrative center with 10 billion dollars and we have to support that proposal.  Linera explained that what Haiti needs now are workers, economic resources, and food, "not soldiers with guns".  Linera said, "May the soldiers get out and may the doctors come in and if soldiers are going to come, that they come to work and not to control the country, not to assume control of the zone, but to lift up blocks of cement, to lift up the rubble of all the houses in all the neighborhoods. 

Source:   The Bolivian News Agency (Government)

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  1. any way that we can find any peace amongst nations? The US has heart and the people are giving whatever they can. The US is raising millions and millions of dollars in an economy that has been crushed. So many people are out of work, struggling themselves, but many are still giving knowing that the Haitians are without homes, and have lost so much. Bolivia? Not really in the best position to give like the US, but there are many many people in the cities who have money to give a bit. Are they? I doubt it. The majority of the bolivians are poor, but the majority live in rural communities. Those educated and in the city have the means to give something, but instead, it seems like it's better to just throw stones and feel bitter towards a wealthier country. Yes, military are there with guns, but not to take over or control the country. The military have doctors, nurses, people trained to rescue others. No one is using guns. if the guns are present on some, it's no different than the police carrying armor. haitians are hungry, fighting over health care and food, which sometimes leads to dangerous situations, and a police type situation may be necessary, and I'm sure the other countries who are there have military with guns as well.