Monday, January 18, 2010

Bolivia Buying 6 Chinese Fighter Jets for $57.8 Million

Bolivia has announced that it is buying six Chinese K-8 light fighter jet aircraft for 57.8 million dollars to fight quote, "The mafia of drug traffickers" according to Defense Minister Walker San Miguel. In
addition to the six Chinese fighters, Bolivia plans to buy up to 10 large Russian military helicopters for civilian security and police work pending legislative approval. San Miguel said quote, "These planes are destined exclusively towards the fight against drug trafficking. It is necessary to have these aircraft in order to capture and down narco-planes that cross the Bolivian skies. Every country in the South America needs to collaborate and play an active role, not just that designed by the United States like up to now." The aircraft, also known as the Hongdu JL-8 was designed in cooperation between the governments of China and Pakistan.  Bolivia is the poorest country in South America and this expenditure on the aircraft alone represents 54% of the entire Ministry of Education which in 2009 had a budget of just 107.1 million dollars to pay for the salaries of all the teachers, administrators and school facilities in the nation of Bolivia.

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