Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Ex-Governor Flees the Country!

Bolivian Immigration has confirmed that José Luis Paredes, the ex-governor of the La Paz state and leader of the Plan Progreso political party that opposes Evo Morales' government has fled the country on January 4th from the Santa Cruz airport on a flight to Argentina. Federal Prosecutor Fernando Ganam
announced that they will now declare Paredes a rebel and seek his extradition to Bolivia in relation to pending charges to the effect that Paredes misappropriated more than one million dollars from the Direct Tax on Oil & Gas.  Despite these charges Eduardo León, a former legal consultant to the ex-La Paz governor, assured the press that Paredes is currently at his home in La Paz and will re-appear shortly. León said quote, "He is in his house, he's calm. He's in La Paz. Moreover we have a political meeting on Monday where we're going to determine what Plan Progreso will do in the next elections" end quote. If the government's report of Paredes' flight is true, then he is the third high profile political oppositional leader to flee in the last several months after ex-governor of Cochabamba Manfred Reyes Villa and Santa Cruz politician accused of plotting an assasination Branko Marinkovic.

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