Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tension in MAS Alliance

The governing Movement to Socialism  (MAS) party is engaged in a spat with the allied MSM party that led President Morales today to call MSM's leader Juan Del Granado a "garbage collector". This recent conflict arose
when a former MAS stalwart dropped from the party and immediately declared his candidacy with the MSM leading Morales to accuse MSM of trying to divide the governing coalition and social movements that helped it to power. Evo said in a press conference today, "Who knows, maybe we made a mistake in having this ally (Del Granado), we hope that he reflects because errors can always be corrected.  I can't believe that Juan Del Granado has become the garbage collector for the MAS, because in an internal election we lose a party member and he (Del Granado) picks him up quickly, surely this is his practice, because Del Granado comes from the MNR and the MIR (now right-wing parties). So I'm left confused by this divisive attitude within the MAS party."  Del Granado responded in a conciliatory fashion, highlighting that any differences would be worked out in a private and fraternal way like in the past.  It remains to be seen whether this episode recedes with no impact to the MAS government or if it is the beginning of larger internal divisions.

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