Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beauty Queen, 25, Runs for Governor

On January 7th, the former Miss Bolivia beauty queen Jessica Jordan was presented by Evo Morales’ Movement to Socialism party as their candidate for the governor’s seat of the state of Beni along with running
mate journalist César Arteaga. President Morales was present personally at the ceremonial announcement in Trinidad on the 7th. This makes Ms. Jordan the only female candidate for a state governor position since indigenous governor Savina Cuellar of Sucre announced she would not run for re-election. Ms. Jordan said the the press (quote) “The Bení state no longer has to have patrones, Bení is ready to struggle. I will confront this challenge with dedication, drive, and with humility as my mother taught me. The decision is made, I entered this race to win and we will confront tides and tempests, but we will not give up, we will fight for dignity for all, the moment to struggle for truth and justice has arrived.” The Movement to Socialism party picked Jordan despite some internal disagreement with an allied Bení political party. Ms Jordan will face a difficult electoral campaign in the traditionally conservative Bení state which has been governed by Movement to Socialism’s opposition for some time. Ms. Jordan is 25 years old and was the International Coffee Queen in 2008. Please see our blog for a video of the Movement to Socialism’s candidate for governor of the state of Bení. Miss Jordan’s website was down this week due to excessive bandwidth usage.

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