Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mining Minister Resigns After 1 Week in Office

President Morales made it clear that he believes that Milton Gómez who he appointed as Minister of
Mining an Metallurgy just one week ago, should should step down as he faces criminal charges. Gómez did just that on January 29th and an former mining union leader José Pimental was appointed in his place. Evo said of Gómez, "I have a lot of respect for Milton Gómez. I'm sure he didn't steal anything, but these are administrative responsabilities. When these processes are in motion, it's obligatory and anyone would have to defend themselves. But sooner or later I'm positive that Milton will demonstrate his innocence." 

Pimental the new Minister of Mining an Metallurgy comes from Potosí, a Bolivian mining stronghold. Most recently from 2006-2009 he was a representative with President Morales' Movement to Socialism party. Pimental had worked for 10 years in Comibol, the state owned mining company before becoming the leader of the Federation of Bolivian Mine Workers for 8 years.

Samuel Doria Media, the right-wing millionaire who came in 3rd in the December Presidential election has accused of Pimental of playing a role in a 1995 kidnapping ransom that was orchestrated by the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement of Peru.

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